Hello there

Hey, hey! Here I am. Abby Steurer, the photographer of Abby Lynn Photography! If you're looking for a photographer, you should know a little about them first! So, here it goes!

I opened this little business of mine back in 2011 and have loved watching it grow over the years. Capturing families in gorgeous sunlight is what I love best! Maybe that's why yellow is one of my new found favorite colors. It's one of the ONLY bright colors you'll see me wearing. You'll usually find me in black, gray, navy...maybe a dark green or burgundy. When I do choose to wear color, my good friends are sure to point it out right away! I am a girl that loves her sweatpants and T-shirts that maybe only I find hilarious. More likely than not, I'll be wearing one at your shoot! Which leads me to the fact that I am a complete goofball. At least I think so! I stumble over my words, constantly. I swear my brain and my mouth are not connected!?!

I am a huge lover of coffee! I mean, as a Mom of a 13 year old girl and an 11 year old boy, can you blame me? NOPE!

MUSIC. I have loved and been inspired by songs for my entire life. There were moments that music carried me through some of my hardest days. Music can inspire, lift you up, make you smile so big...make you feel. Music and photography go hand and hand, in my opinion. Photography also makes you feel. At least, it should! There is nothing more I love in this whole wide world than capturing one of those moments that takes your breath away (Ok, I do really love my family too! LOL!) To capture a moment you can look back on and FEEL all kinds of emotions...priceless. I want you to smile BIG and remember something amazing! Whether it's the tiny toes of your brand new baby, the way your fiancé is looking at you, the embrace of your child, the wind blowing your hair, the laughter from a tickle, the magic of your Senior year, the days when your children were still smaller than you...whatever that moment may be...I want to capture it and have it remembered.

I can't wait to meet you and help you "write" down your family memories!