Abby Lynn Photography | About
What does a picture mean to me? Simply...everything. I'll just say this. Without my earliest picture's with my family, I would have forgotten one of the most important people in my life by now. The way he looked, the way he smiled, the way he played with me, the way he held me, the way he looked at me and how happy I seemed to make him. What does a picture mean to me? Everything.
I have always been the gal with a camera in her hand, but since becoming a mother, photography has taken on a whole new meaning. Life has taken on a whole new meaning! I had to record everything about my babies in fear that I may one day forget. Would I remember how Mackenzie's hair curled after taking a bath? Would I remember the way Nolan rubbed his tags on his stuffed puppy? It isn't about just standing in front of a camera and saying "cheese" anymore. For me, it is about capturing the little things that we may one day forget. The way we felt during that third trimester of pregnancy. The peace and happiness a family feels after their baby is born. Is there anything better than those first few newborn moments when their fingers and toes are so tiny and fragile? And eyelashes...don't even get me started on eyelashes! Then there are those precious smiles, clumsy crawls, and first steps. First birthdays with messy cakes and candid family moments. Life happens...and it happens so fast! Let me write down your family memories with my photographs. They are keepsakes that will truly last forever.
If you feel I am the photographer for you and your family, message me for more details! I look forward to hearing from you!